Product Name : Elevator payment system
Product No : PP-6750VLM1R5-FLV



  • This system is designed to pay elevator usage fees by contactless prepaid smartcard. 
    Supporting on-line or standalone operation.
  • The card dispensing software defines and stores the ID number, building number, 
    expiry date, prepaid amount and accessible floors into the card.
  • Supports access control for maximum 40 floors.
  • The controller would alarm when the value is less than 15 units by error sound.
  • Supports user card enrollment from controller operation or software upload.
  • Prepaid card is locked with specific key to increase security of data.
  • For easy different project management, the key can be specified according to request.


System configuration

configuration .jpg




Ordering information

PP-6750VL/M1R5-FLV: Elevator access controller 
PUA-310V-0M2R2Y4: 13.56MHz dispenser(RS-232 interface) 
PUA-310V-0M2U2Y4: 13.56MHz dispenser(USB interface) 
PG-OUTMOD-8: 8 floors relay box 
POM-24: 24 floors relay box
PCT-R2R5: RS-232/RS485 Converter
PC-T100: TCP/IP Converter
PCT-UR5: USB/RS485 Converter
PSA-ADV-E-FLV: Elevator payment system software


We reserve the right to change the specification without prior notice or obligation!