PXHD-12W-LW is ultra-low power modules designed to operate from 4volt to 9volt. At its lower power setting is consumes just 15μA making these modules the perfect low power alternative to conventional readers. The modules support Wiegand 25~40 data formats and able to read H.I.D. or compatible cards and ideal for fixed and portable applications.OEM/ODM orders are welcome.


RFID frequency125KHz FSK
Applicable cardsH.I.D. or compatible card
Reading rangeDC 4V30 mm
DC 9V35 mm
Output formatWiegand 25~40 bits (Depending on the internal data bits configured on the card)
Power inputDC4V~DC 9V
Standby current10~15 μA
Working current21.3~23.8 mA
Dimensions(L)×(W)43.2 x 33 mm / 1.7 x 1.3 inch
Operating temperature-30℃~65℃
Storage temperature-40℃~85℃

Dimension : Unit: mm[inch]

Antenna Model No.    DimensionReading Range (Depending on tag size, tag type)
R-17-54TS/450UHInternal diameter : 70 x 54 mm
Outside diameter : 74 x 59 mm
Height : 5mm
Card(T:1.8mm) : 35 mm
Card(T:0.8mm) : 30 mm
R-17-PP110/COILInternal diameter : 84 x 35 mm
Outside diameter : 86 x 38 mm
Height : 3mm
Card(T:1.8mm) : 35 mm
Card(T:0.8mm) : 30 mm
R-17-PEI101/COILInternal diameter : 34 x 34 mm
Outside diameter : 23 x 23 mm
Height : 2 mm
Card(T:1.8mm) : 28 mm
Card(T:0.8mm) : 24 mm

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Micro Power 125KHz FSK H.I.D. Module, With 2 pin connector for antenna    


Micro Power 125KHz FSK H.I.D. Module

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