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Best Proximity Reader and Proximity Controller Manufacturer

As far as access control systems go, a proximity reader is one of the easiest ways to secure a building. For many facility managers and business owners, the benefits of a proximity controller are much more than the initial investment cost.

Pongee manufactures high-quality proximity card readers, including Contactless Card Reader, Smart Card Reader Writer, Dual Frequency Contactless Card Reader, and RFID Long Range Reader. If you have a requirement of proximity readers, please do not hesitate to check out products below:

Excellently take control of your business environment by contacting Pongee. With our advanced access control system, you can enjoy all the benefits of proximity controller.

Proximity Controller Benefits Include:

  • Loss Prevention: Proximity readers are a simple and convenient way of securing your entire building or individual rooms inside it to reduce some important thing losses.

  • Building Security: Unless your business welcomes or invites customers, a proximity card reader can secure your building from unwanted or unauthorized visitors.

  • Employee Tracking: Easily track your employees' attendance and timeliness.

If you have interest or question about our Proximity Readers, welcome to check out Pongee's website or call us at +886-2-8228-0198.