13.56MHz Mifare Access Control Module13.56MHz Mifare Access Control Module

Model number: PXMF-C62


Product description

PXMF-C62 is a compact size of Mifare access control module, which can serve as a stand alone contactless access controller with ability of learning maximum 64 cards as legal cards for access or arm/disarming the security system or opening the doors or gate.


  • Low cost with effective performance.
  • Compact size for designing in all kinds of products
  • 64 legal cards can be registered thru simple learning.
  • Setting for Access/ Security/ Open-door functions 
  • No any computer is need.
  • With dry contact. (form A relay).

Application field

  • Low cost access controller 
  • Arm / Disarm for security system. 
  • Door access paired with intercom.
  • Coffer 
  • Any access control applications by Mifare card.


Dimensions (L x W)67 x 32mm 
Supported Tag-ICsEasy Card, Mifare S50 / S70 , NFC (card simulation) or compatible card 
Reading distanceDepending on tag size, tag type and antenna size 
Frequency / Modulation13.56 MHz 
Power requirement6~12VDC/ 260~130mA 

Dimension: mm

Mifare Access Control Module(64 legal cards can be registered thru simple learning.)

Optional Antenna

  • Antenna Model No. : R-17-502602/COIL
  • Dimension : 33 x 19MM
  • Reading Range(Depending on tag size, tag type) : 2.5CM

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