Access Control/Time & Attendance / Lift Access Control Software

Model number: PST-ADV-E-ELE


Access Control Software Features

  • Drop-down menu, easy for operation.
  • Can control multi readers on line at the same time, and show user’s photo、name、time zone data、in/out records.
  • Database is Microsoft Access format; it can transfer data to TXT form. 
  • Multitasking environment, can operate other software while running this software, and can monitor host monitoring of files editing 
  • and processing.
  • Can choose COM PORT(COM1~COM4) or TCP/IP as transmission.
  • Offer 15 kinds of common reader setting, administrators can easily to manage readers through PC.
  • Timing can be set as automatically upload from computer time to correct card reader, so always keep correct time for card reader. 
  • Responsive reader provides the reader parameter query function.
  • Provide export/ import database functionality, when the software version updates, no need to re-establish basic information.
  • System program with database editing, storage and loaded reader functions; Can be used have records while database editing.
  • Provide database management functions, delete、export / import, database compression function.
  • System program with all of door zone, date, hour / minute, multi conditions query and abnormal query, print out the latest.
  • information and provides export.
  • Text files and Excel files functions.
  • Can import/ export staff access records, staff data, staff personnel access permission data, and supports Excel file format.
  • Can adjust field of access records as demand when printed.
  • System program can automatic detect status of the controllers and card readers to know if it on line.
  • Reader can be selected operation modes: (1) Card + PIN (2) Card only. (3) Card or Pin.
  • Can accommodate maximum of 30,000 different identification number (ID) and password (PIN). 
  • Can be set to different time zones, to allow only specific users to access.
  • Support multiple operation modes (EX: Card or Card+ Password) and access data receiving schedule (for specific model only).
  • Remote door open by computer.
  • System supports real-time reporting, the latest 30 numbers in-out record will display on computer screen.
  • Support access report export to text file. 
  • Support text format adjustment to be used on personnel or other system.
  • Provide manual import for original text file.
  • Support limited period setting for legal card (for specific model).
  • Support Door access controller and Lift access controller.
  • Support lift door open at specific floor.
  • Support multiple models.
  • Support Time group settings, no need to set up personal access authority one by one.
  • Need user password to enter main screen, administrator can modify user password and user operation authority.
  • Provide operation user manual. 
  • Need user password to enter main screen, administrator can modify user operation authority. Support 27 function. 
  • settings to meet different requirements.
  • Support lift group settings, door access controller and lift access controller are supported.
  • Support specific floor relay activation.
  • Support group authority settings, no need to set up personal access authority one by one.
  • Support automatically receiving data without log-in.
  • Support automatic data receiving schedule.
  • Support background image change.
  • Support 2750/3750/3760/6750/6750V/PP85/1074/5707T/370/377
  • PST-ADV-E-ELE access control software supports above functions.
  • PST-ADV-E-ELE access control software supports database editing with multiple languages (but some languages are not supported due to database or software limited).
  • Above functions are supported with specific models, please check models in advance.