Product Description 
•The advanced Pegasus ESD ACS system is integrated with ESD Tester, contactless Access system and ESD Management Application software together. During the past time, many EPA ( Electrostatic protection Area) control for the electrostatic shoes, wrist strap are almost tested then recorded manually so easy to make mistakes, this not only wastes time but not easy to audit. The Pegasus ESD ACS system is managed by PC to make sure the person to test the ESD resistance value before entering EPA area,record the access time and control the turnstile or release alarm to reject illegal access. Also,with the failsafe function of the turnstile or electrical locks in emergency to secure the personal life. 

•The system is mainly consisted of ESD Tester, ESD Access controller, Management Software, Communicators and the Electrical Gate Controller ( Turnstile, strike or Power bolt ).
•ESD permission has 8 options as checking Left and(or) Right hand and(or) the feet combination and the qualified impedance value range.
•The ESD tester PP-6750V/ESD provide permission level setting, inquiry,  alarm function, test and record the PASS or NG judgment.
•The Access Controller equipped with LCD screen for taking the action, display the card & staff number, calendar year and date, clock, testing data and the error message.
•The Access controller could control the intelligent gating devices such as Turnstile, swing gate or plate gate. Also, it could control the electric locks such as power bolt, magnetic lock or strikes. The user also could push the exit button to go out.
•The ESD ACS can be integrated with Time attendance module, it can  provide the ESD ACS access events served as Time Attendance data base to make many HR reports.
Main application field
SMT production line, clean room such as semiconductor fab, high tech RD room, or military ESD sensitive areas, explosive processing areas, maintain or calibration areas for aero space industries, pharmacy , bio-chemical and hospital ESD restraint areas.
We reserve the right to change the specification without prior notice or obligation!