System Description 
This lift access control system is designed for control the floor access and permitting the use of elevator
only by authorized cardholder. Through the registration of card, the cardholder only allows to access the
specific floors even in specific time zone that enhance security of building. Besides, this system records
each access that could be applied for e-payment.

System feature
•Either lift access controller or external card reader supplies card reading.
•Available card: Proximity card (125KHz ID card or13.56MHz IC card).
•Supports 8/24/48/64/96 floors lift access control.(Also could be used in
management system for locker or mail box)
•Supplies add, delete, check card number by block mode and floor setting.
•Excellent multiple operation modes: Card only, Card + PIN, Card Number+PIN, Fingerprint, ID+Fingerprint
•With 8 time zones and set multiple operation modes depend on every time zone situation.
•On/Off-line connection with PC by RS-232 / RS-485 / TCP/IP interface.
•Support: Setting by standalone controller keypad or software form PC.
•Operation: Present the authorized card and then press floor button.
•Built-in anti-tamper switch sends the signal when the controller is destroyed.
•With watchdog functions.
•Use low CMOS microcomputer, the data can be kept for 10 years while shutting
down the power.
•Lift access control can be worked with time zone setting.
•With relay box and mini electromagnetic lock(ex. PML-080, PCL-100) can used
for locker or mail box management. 

System product
PP-6750V: Lift access controller
PG-OUTMOD-8: 8 relay box
PG-OUTMOD-3024: 24 relay box
PG-OUTMOD-24A: 24 relay box
DIO-2408: Lift access controller link with intercom
PCT-R2R5: RS-232/RS-485 converter
PC-T100: TCP/IP converter
PST-ADV-E-ELE: Software

We reserve the right to change the specification without prior notice or obligation!