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Product Name : Thin Model 125KHz FSK Contactless Card Reader
Product No : PUA-310V1H

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Product Description

  • PUA-310V1/H is a proximity reader which reads 125 KHz contactless card/key tag etc. then send out some standard data format, such as Wiegand(25bit~40bit),RS232,RS485, ABA ,USB etc. for ID collection. The users may select the suitable type for connecting to dedicated controller or PC for various applications.
  • Latest compact size contact less/proximity reading technology provides an user friendly solution access controller-no swiping or contact required.

  • Passive contact less card and key fobs require no batteries.

  • Weather resistant. "Epoxy Potted" construction ensures consistent performance in the most adverse environment.

  • Easy to install, low profile and designed for indoor or outdoor application.

  • With CPU watch-log function to prevent malfunction.

  • Free SDK available.
Dimension 118 (L) x 75(W) x 17(H) mm
Weight 250g ±10%
Mounting Surface mount, waterproof
Reading range 10cm
Frequency of operation 125KHz
Power supply  DC 5V / 12V / 24V±10%, DC 7V~32V(Optional) 
Format Wiegand 26/32/34/35/36/37/40/42/48bits / ABA Track2 / RS232 / RS485 / USB
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 75°C
Humidity 20%~90% RH, Non condensation


•Feature: Avoid intervention
•Model No. : R-21-310-3(White) /  R-21-310-3B(Black)
•Dimension: 119.6(L) x 76.6(W) x 15(H)mm 
•Weight: 40g±5% 
•Material: ABS

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