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Product Name : UHF 868MHz, 928MHz Long Range RFID Reader And Writer
Product No : PK-UHF101


Product Description  

PK-UHF101 is one of high-performance long range UHF reader, combining proprietary signal processing algorithms and efficient, with a high recognition rate processing performance and fast read and write, can be widely used in logistics, parking systems, access control systems, security systems and production process control, and other radio frequency identification (RFID) systems. In Pongee, you can also find other high-quality long range UHF reader!



•Protocol comply with UHF EPC Gen2(ISO18000-6C), ISO 18000-6B standard.

•Working frequency 902~928MHz(PK-UHF101U) / 865~868MHz(PK-UHF101E)

•Support adjustable frequency range (FHSS) or fixed specific working frequency.

•Power output 0-30dBm (adjustable) 

•Built-in 8dBi circular polarized antenna;Reading range 3~8M 

•Support operation Modes as Answer, Active, Trigger mode.

•Low power design, Input Power: DC +9V.

 •Support RS-232, RS-485, Wiegand 26/34 Interface. Optional TCP/IP, POE, Wifi.

 * Effective distance depends on antenna, tag and environment.



•Dimension(L x W x H)mm:  PK-UHF101U:230 x 230 x 57 /  PK-UHF101E:255 x 255 x 35

•Net Weight: PK-UHF101U:900g /  PK-UHF101E:900g

•Gross Weight: PK-UHF101U:1700g /  PK-UHF101E:2210g

•Protocol: ISO18000-6B, EPC Class 1 Gen2(ISO18000-6C)

•Protection Grade: IP54

•Work Frequency: Standard ISM 865-868MHz(PK-UHF101E), 902~928MHz(PK-UHF101U)

•Frequency Hopping: FHSS

•Power Output: 0-30dBm(adjustable)

•Antenna: Built-in 8dBi circular polarized antenna

•Interface: RS232, RS485, wiegand 26/34(TCP/IP,Wifi can be customized)

•Operating Mode: Answer,Active,Trigger

•Read Range: 3~8m

•Reading Clue: Buzzer

•Input Power: 100-240V,DC+9V (Power Adapter)

•Power Consumption: 1W

•Operation Temp: -20°C~+70°C

•Storage Temp: -25°C~+80°C

•Humidity: 80%

•Regulatory: Compliant with CE,FCC

•Provide Demonstration software and SDK (VC, VB, C#, VB.NET, C++) for further development.








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How to assembly

proimages/Long_reader/PK-UHF101-installation.jpg proimages/Long_reader/PK-UHF101-installation-1.jpg

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