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Product Name : 2.4G Active Long Range RFID Reading System
Product No : PFH-6750V

l         Product Description 

  • PFH-6750V is access controller with built in long range RFID reader that worked at 2.4GHz with stably sensitivity and excellent anti-collision performance.
  • LCD displays card number and related information, built-in memory records time and access control that can be collected by software for further application or integrated with other security devices.
  • Supplies variety reading range for option (15M/10M/3M or less) .
  • Supports maximum 80 cards reading simultaneously.
  • Can be set for a period of time without repeat reading.
  • PFH-5210 is reader that can be interfaced with Pegasus PP-5878G / PP-85V / PP6750V / PP3702 or other standard access controller to be most economical access control system of personnel & vehicle. 
Available application: 
  • Factory personnel safety and mobile vehicle safety alert
  • Handfree lift access control
  • Parking lot management
  • Time attendance
  • Logistics management
  • Production control
  • Air condition or heating supply
  • Electronic ticket
  • Olders or patient monitoring... etc.

l         Features  

lCompare project number.

l8-digit card number (which can be assigned).

lCan read multiple cards at the same time(Up to 80 pcs)




How To Order

PFH-6750VX/R5 : 2.4G Active RFID Access Control / Reader, Reading Range 15m

PFH-6750VXR5S3 : 2.4G Active RFID Access Control / Reader, Reading Range 3m

PFH-6750VXR5S5 : 2.4G Active RFID Access Control / Reader, Reading Range 5m

PFH-5210W : 2.4G Reader, Wiegand 26/34bit & UART(TTL)

PFH-5210WS3 : 2.4G Reader, Wiegand 26/34bit & UART(TTL), Reading Range 3m

PFH-5210WR2 : 2.4G Reader, Wiegand 26/34bit & UART(TTL), RS-232

PFH-5210WR5 : 2.4G Reader, Wiegand 26/34bit & UART(TTL), RS-485

PFH-5210WT : 2.4G Reader, Wiegand 26/34bit & UART(TTL), TCP/IP

PFH-240 : 2.4G Active Card

PST-ADV-E-ELE : Access Control / Time & Attendance Software 



Specifications subject to change without notice for further modification.