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  • Introduction

This system can be applied to the conditions of Simple Lift Control System. The administer only need to set authority of card via software directly in the control room. It means to give card the right of access of periods and floors. To let user access the designated floors according to specific periods to achieve the function of delaminate control.

  • Features


1. It don’t need to connect via network between control room and lift proximity reader to reduce the cost of layout andmaintenance ofthe line.

2. To set different access of periods and floors of all cards directly via software in the control room whose application is of high elasticity. 

3. The administer only need to set in the beginning the access of periods in the lift control system which henceforth without setting it again anymore.

  • Application

Communitybuildingunified personnel control:

Community Management Committee will set authority of card of householder (temporary card) and give it to householder (or visitor). So the householder (or visitor) only can get in specific floors in a specific period.Henceforth when the cards are returned, they can be changed of authority per next request.

  • System list

          PP-85VL/M1-WL :Mifare(UID)lift controller, 2000 users,1000 events

          PG-OUTMOD-8: 8 Relay Box

          PP-690-0/M2R2/Y4: Mifare Card Reader and Writer

          PSM-M2Y4-E-FLOOR-WU: Mifare software for reading / writing lift card

  • Wiring diagram


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