Pegasus product main features:
• With full ranges of reading technologies for easy system integration, which comprising: proximity 125KHz/ 13.56MHz, contactless Mifare, magnetic stripe, barcode, UHF transmit unit,60/300/ 600 cm passive/active hand free tags, and so forth.
• With hundred versions of firmware and compatible software for dedicate and popular applications to simplify system integration.
• Most on-line products shared the similar communication protocols to implement the real system integration.
• Plentiful reading units support Wiegand, ABA , TTL, RS-232, 485, USB, pongee Q type,  Open collector, etc., formats for interfacing to 3rd party system controller.
• System controllers with powerful on-line/stand alone command functions with consistent manual instructions to ease user operation.
• With complete accessories, reliable quality and fast updating capabilities to enhance market competition.
• Bountiful cases options with robust and vandalism constructions, innovation design and prominent performance/cost ratio for easy marketing and obtain benefit.

Powerful functions with systemized commands and complete and versatile models:
1. The multifarious series can easily facilitate the applications in factory, office, household, patrol, lifts, parking, school, etc., for access control, time attendance, pre-paid value or ticket systems.
2. The products series with big card capacity ranges from 300 to 240,000 cards for 4 to 12 card ID digits, as well as huge event records from 5 to 45,000 for up to 100 event categories.
3. The access control personal data base optionally consisted of Card, PIN, Time zone, Holiday, Anti-passback, personal operation mode, Free access, personal name, staff number, etc.,
4. With complete access control functions of door releasing time, door intruded & held monitoring, door alarm, error trials, duress, exit by button or extra reader, in/out recording, single/multiple anti-pass back, etc,.
5. Optional additional functions of multiple patrol events ( up to 500 pieces ), multiple Inputs/Outputs logical control, multiple access control, two men rules, escort etc. for dedicate control or ODM designs.
6. Considerate useful functions for time attendance: time zones controlled auto shift ( duty code ) transfer, bell announcing, repeat event preventing, up to 80 duty codes for manual selecting with predefined duty code names by PC, personal message prompting etc., Also, it almost reserve the access functions.
7. For stand alone batched operation, legal/illegal events can be saved with event code or printing out immediately. All events can be retrieved either by PC or any data collector or conditionally sorting by date, card number, weekdays, block ranges of card numbers etc., and displayed on LCD or printing out to external printer.
8. To facilitate various software with ACCESS, MS-SQL, ORACLE data base and text format for integrated system applications.
9. With plentiful system supports by TCP/IP adaptor, multi-channel communication controller, application software, un-interrupted power supply, serial to parallel printer adapter, 8/24/48 relays outputs board.