System Description
Cabinet control system is developed on the basis of the electronic lock, card reader PONGEE high-tech innovative products. It will be integrated with card reader, access control unit "cabinet locks" used in conjunction with combined cabinet, the cabinet on the double insurance. Easy installation.setting. widely used in server cabinets, network cabinets, electrical cabinets, and other places. Its unique electronic intelligent control, combined with Mifare contactless proximity cards extraordinary security to compose with intelligent security control systems, control and monitoring functions.

System feature
With access control management function and induction management and registration functions.
Induction, open the door, there will be lights and voice prompts.
Outside pull cabinet door status indicator light, can clearly know which door to open, which door is closed.
With dual protection function for cabinet. A cabinet of two keys must be opened at the same time effectively.
With vandal switch design, safety and reliable.



•Cabinet access control proximity card into the user card and authorization card.
a) Can log in 64 cards as a legal card by learn mode.
b) User card can sense a door opening and closing, and not with adding card and deleting card authorization.
c) The authorization card can only be used to add card and delete card operation and not with opening and closing the door authorization.
d) When you brush the authorization cards, access control system will automatically enter to add or delete user card operation preparation and not need to open the switch of main board. 
•Status indicator
a) When the system are in standby mode, the front status indicator will keep to light on.
b) When the card presents in legal mode, the front status lights on the green light flashes and have a long beep sound
c) When the card presents by the illegal status, the front status lights on the red lights flashing and two short beep sound.

•Add and delete user card
a) Delete all cards (master and user card) by press the button and green LED lighted up for 6 seconds, it would be all deleted done after one for a long beep sound.
b) Press the button for one second and green light flashing for a short beep sound and then present the card for a authorization card.
c) When presenting the user card with green light flashing , it would be done after presenting the card. Each presentation of master card only supplies one user card registration, and this product supports registration for max.64 user cards. This product would beep one time when the legal card presented or beeps twice when a illegal card presented.

•Door opening time Setting
a)When Relay’s in temporary output status: can adjust opening delay time (1 second~10 seconds)
b) When Relay in normal output status: Present to lock one time is NO (normal open), then present again is NC (normal close)

System product
PC-110-0/M0: Mifare access controller
PCL-100S: Cabinet lock
DC12V power supply
Mifare proximity card

Finance, stock, insurance, petrochemical, telecommunications, government, enterprise branch or base station launch pad room or switch room cabinet safety control functions.

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