Applied to the mailbox management system
The community mailbox & P will open the door with a key, this system can be installed at the community mailbox, open the mailbox card induction. Households have at hand the card access control access control, in addition to using the card at hand with the induction of the way to open the mailbox, in order to reduce the use of keys to open the mailbox for the inconvenience. In addition, security and privacy are also relatively higher.

Applied to the cabinet management system
Registration Check in customer management counter staff at upcoming customers access card according to their room where the floor and opening up access permissions, and leisure facilities in the locker and equipment for personal use control permissions settings, in order to achieve the rights of personal privacy, equipment useand protection of goods and customers Check out the staff at upcoming customers use the access card is set to lapse card to prohibit all use of privileges.


Hotels, gym, Member Vacation Center, golf club, bank safety deposit box, swimming pool, spa, theme park, spa house soup ... etc.

System product
PP-6750V: Access controller
POM-24: Relay box
PC-T100H: TCP/IP Ethernet Converter
PST-ADV-E-ELE: Software
PCL-100: Cabinet lock

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