Product Description 

•Telecommunications room with their employee ID cards installed access control card reader to transfer data over the network to the back-end access control SMS software, then through software send a text message to the relevant staffs.
The supervisors acknowledged the time of maintenance or any personnel of vendor to enter the control room immediately via test message or e-mail.
Supervisors may get text message or e-mail immediately when any abnormal situations, such as: the door open for too long, or abnormal card number.
The supervisors may through access control SMS software to selected person or send official information by messages to all personnel in accordance.
System requested to send message or e-mail to individual mobile phone when the card be read for entrance and exit.
System requested to send message or e-mail to individual mobile phone when alarm start by abnormal situations.
System can be requested not send message or e-mail if any setting in advance.
Administrators are exempt from this limition (you can set not pass SMS or email to a specific person).
System supports personal SMS statistics.
Official information by message or e-mail can be sent unified.
Can be set to send a text message contents.

System product
PP-6750VL/M0R5-K: Access controller
PC-T100:  TCP/IP converter
Electric locks
SMS transmitter


School, campus

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