System Description
This system is suitable for the application of the system of user fees, such as the dormitory hydro / air conditioning cost, Internet cafe computer billing, Golf Course billing, and can by "user fees" to avoid improper use of waste, can be combined withthe number of billing functions to the function of the card.


•Card reader: Card-pluggable wireless data reading.
•Card machine holder mining pressure acrylic manufacturing, prevent the leakage and cause electric shock.
•Mounting or removal of the card machine, special locks open.
•Panel keyboard can not be used in the machine locked to prevent students or guest commotion dynamic abnormalities caused by the card machine.
•Electricity billing unit: free to adjust the card by the management, billing unit.
•Sentenced to the correctness of the information in the card reader, two seconds and display the available balance or error conditions (code).
•Card machine can set the air - the consumption of power rate (KW), and according to parameters with the card machine on the per unit electricity tariffs Price (N) to do arithmetic, to take according to the use of the number of (H) net of cards to use the cash amount (M). M = KW x H x N.
•The amount is about zero, the card reader two formats, short syllables prompt replacement of permit (Hint stage can be freely adjusted).
•Card machine device is completed, it is recommended to be the seal or seals, to prevent improper disassembly or destruction.
•Card machine and air-machine communication, that the operation of the air-condition, according to different operation mode converter considerable power consumption, for example: A. compressor operation ON / OFF, B. cold air blower fan operation ON / OFF.
•Insert confirmation bit number to be stored-value card, the above function can be used; refund of the card, the above function automatically OFF
•Card reader error rate: less than one ten thousandth.
•Data capacity: 1K Bytes.
•Durable level: non-contact, more than 100 million times.

•Windows graphical interface, easy to learn and use
•Database for Microsoft Access format, and can be easily and Excel, Paradox, dBASE Ⅲ, dBASE Ⅳ, dBASE Ⅴ, Foxpro, Lotus 1-2-3, ODBC, Text File Huzhuan information
•Multitasking environment, the implementation of the system program or can perform other software can monitor host monitor editing and processing file
•Recording software use, record the date and time of each User Log in Log out
•The management password function is divided into a. Managers b. Users
a.Managers can modify the function of billing charges
b.Users can only do the stored-value function
•Refill costs have to query the log card number and stored-value cost
•How much does it cost to do a monthly statistical reports and annual statistical reports, statistics total stored value
•Who use the system can check user login check statements

Internet cafe computer billing, of air conditioners billing, dormitories hydropower air conditioning user fees, Golf Course billing

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