System description
Connection management system can integrate access control, elevator inside simply called copy-remote control system of vehicle control and lane. Unified for rights management and record all access information, induction card or key ring copy protection, Mifare card for the current copy-one of the highest level. And has a different set of rights management, public areas and opening up access for all households, but the buildings tenants separately control, Building A household passable, Building A, the remaining buildings do not open the access permissions, manage the region open card.

System feature
1.Mifare proximity card reader system reads the card serial number for control comparison, the operating frequency 13.56Mhz (ISO14443A specification) the highest copy protection grade one.
2.A single computer or a single RS485/RS232 signal converter can be connected to up to 32 card reader, or can be used with TCP / IP converter can be expanded to 1024 card reader.
3.If the distance between the card reader over RS-422/RS-485 connection, you can use TCP / IP converter. Access computers and TCP / IP converter to connect to the Internet (Internet), from card reader line limit.
4.When the network disconnection between access computers and TCP / IP converter, access control systems will continue to retry the connection.
5.Managers through a browser to connect to the Web interface of the access control computer, remote handling and surveillance. Setting access control system and credit card records, are stored in a database.
6.When the access control software program to stop or shut down the computer, the card reader can still work alone to maintain proximity reader function.
7.The inside of the card reader to the use of non-volatile memory (EEPROM, FLASH etc.), So when the power is interrupted, the records will not disappear.
8.The card reader supports 8-digit card number, up to control the number of 6,000 people, temporarily stores up to 8,000 pen credit card records.
9.The error code storage card reader, error cards and over the effective date of the credit card will be abnormal record.

System product
PP-85VP/M8R5: Mifare UID access controller
PP-110-0/M8: Mifare UID proximity card reader
PML-1100: 550Lbs, 250Kgs Electromagnetic Lock
PG-PLDOOR-3: Door Closer


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