Product Name : Metal Time Attendance Recorder and Access Controller
Product No : PZ-85

System configuration 


Lift access controller system



Product Description  

•PZ-85 is an intelligent time recording terminals designed to meet variant applications in time attendance and access control, lift control & ARM/DISARM security requirements. Each terminal can be operated independent simply or through PC/Internet adapter PC-T100 to fulfill the multiple doors access system. The recording terminal includes nearly all the necessary functions for time recording and access control with bountiful manual & PC executed commanded functions as well as friendly operation commanded for manual operation.

•Unfading keypad by dual color ABA injection.

•With Freescale CPU supported working temperature -55~155℃

•Switching on alarm automatically, if failed input password for three times and warning management to avoid illegal entrance.

•Relay supported with shockproof, to avoid illegal open door entrance.

•Supported macro command to simplify access control & lift access setting.

Features for time recording application:
•Selectable batch or real time operation mode.
•79 duty codes, duty name defined by PC.
•Possible in 8 digits ID for time attendance recording.
•Totally 192 alarm schedules (8 schedules per hour) dry contacts output for periodic belling.
•Could collect data by real time or one by one events or massive block dump.
•High capacity with 8 digits card number. ( Either checking or without checking personal map )
•16*2 rows of LCD display with 8 digits for displaying year, month, day, week, time & events counter(For PP-6750V series)

Main features for access control application:
•System parameters and personal access map can be downloaded by PC or manually  programmed through keypad.
•The personal access map is consisted of card ID, staff number and name, PIN and Time Zone Status, expiry date and Anti-passback.
•Excellent multiple operation modes :(1) Card only (2) Card + PIN (3)Door PIN only  (4)Card Number+PIN (5)Free access (6) Automatic operation mode by time zones.
•All operation modes with PIN are supported by selectable duress function. Also, keypad is lockable to become dumb.
•Individual personal access map can be edited by block range add or delete card in group basis by on-lined PC or by manual thru. single / block range card number or by directly reading card thru. learning mode.
•Selectable immediate or batched conditional sorting and then printing out events thru. serial output interface.
•With complete door release, held monitoring and intruded alarm period and error trials.
•Supports 8/24/48/64/96 floors lift access control.
•Full APB (anti-passback), time zone.
•Could dump all personal map in system by single PC or manual command.


119(L) x 84(W) x 32(H)mm


355g± 5%


Zinc Alloy

Waterproof IP54

Power supply

DC 12V±10%, 25mA~60mA(not include power requirement for lock & alarm)

Transmission rate

Default 9,600 bps N,8,1(2,400/4,800)(19,200bps/38,400)

Operating temperature

-20℃ ~ 70℃

Operating humidity



3 × 4 keypad for system programming, pass word entry or duty code selection.


Programmable 4 digits PIN for each person

Serial interface

RS-485 / RS-232(Optional)

Serial output

1. For connection with serial printer.
2. To drive DDR (digital door relay) for secure assess control function.
3. To drive 8/24/48/64 relay output modules for lifts access control
4. Bountiful application functions requested by customer

 Events/ Card capacity

X Series: 32,000 card capacity, 32,000 events.

Other capacity combination requested by order 

Card standard

 125KHz ASK EM / 125KHz FSK / 13.56MHz Mifare

※ Support customized card.

External reader

With one port for external Wiegand (26/34 bits definable by command, 32/36/40/42/25/35/37bits(Optional)) & ABA input(by order)


Dimensions: mm[inch]



How to order

 PZ-85X/NR5: RFID 125KHz EM Access Controller & Reader,RS485, 32000 cards, 32000 events

 PZ-85X/M0R5: RFID 13.56MHz Mifare Access Controller & Reader,RS485, 32000 cards, 32000 events


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