Product Name : Remote Door Controller with Hopping Code Algorism
Product No : PR-106M

Product Description 
•Application in access control.
•It is used in store & home rolling door. It contains locking function to cut power of motor by remote.
•Save max. 40 pcs of transmitters.
•With 4 sets of relay output and power breaking function.
•Receiving distance up to 30 meters.
•Transmitter could be in learning mode after registered.
•With single adding & delete all transmitters function.
•Input voltage change function(110V~240V). Voltage range is from DC11V~16V
•Due to special EEPROM, data won't be lost even in power failed status.
•Enhanced versatility:
 Combine the convenience of long range access control with the simplicity of close  
 range proximity readers with pegasus pendants. Pegasus supports technologies
 such as EM proximity along with Mifare technologies to work just like a prox card.

•Control door lock
•Can control any auto rolling door, barrier gate, auto door.
•Dimensions 138(L) x 85(W) x 29(H) mm
•Input voltage 110V~240V
•Power Supply DC 11V~DC 16V
•Frequency 433.9MHz
•Transmitter capacity 40 pcs
•Remote mode (Hopping code)
•Current endurance of relay:
  10A/120V, 10A/120 VAC
  10A/24V , 10A/24VDC
  7A/250V, 7A/250VAC
We reserve the right to change the specification without prior notice or obligation!