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Model number: PP-6750V


System configuration


Lift access control system


Product Description

PP-6750V is an intelligent time recording terminals are designed to meet variant applications in time attendance and access control, lift control & ARM/DISARM security requirements. Each terminal can be operated independent simply or through PC communication RS-485 / TCP/IP to fulfill the multiple doors access system. The recording terminal includes nearly all the necessary functions for time recording and access control with bountiful manual & PC executed commanded functions as well as friendly operation commanded for manual operation.

  • Supported Multi-frequency (125KHz ASK, FSK / 13.56MHz) time attendance recorder and access controller. (by optional)
  • Unfading keypad by dual color ABA injection, unfading keypad with backlight. (Optional)
  • With Freescale CPU supported working temperature -55~155℃
  • Switching on alarm automatically, if failed input password for three times and warning management to avoid illegal entrance.
  • Relay supported with shockproof, to avoid illegal open door entrance.
  • Supported macro command to simplify access control & lift access setting.
  • Remote Open Door APP function.
  • For higher security, our M3 series is applied with anti-duplication HF card.
  • Supported Bluetooth function.(Optional)
  • Supported NFC function.(Optional)
  • ARM/DISARM Security System.(Optional)
  • Toggle in/out status.(Optional)
  • Security function to activate or deactivate all or selected sensors.
  • Support fire alarm signal to release the door automatically.
  • Not compare and add card by reading.
  • Free SDK available.
DIM series

You can Proximity the RFID card or press your 4 digit password to enter.
You can still check who entered from the access record even if you press the password to enter. NEW!!


Features for time recording application
  • Selectable batch or real time operation mode.
  • 79 duty codes, duty name defined by PC.
  • Possible in 8 digits ID for time attendance recording.
  • Totally 192 alarm schedules (8 schedules per hour) dry contacts output for periodic belling.
  • Could collect data by real time or one by one events or massive block dump.
  • High capacity with 8 digits card number. ( Either checking or without checking personal map )
  • 16*2 rows of LCD display with 8 digits for displaying year, month, day, week, time & events counter.
Main features for access control application
  • Up to 90 codes 4 digits door PIN.
  • Setting door monitoring time becomes second unit or minute unit. Up to 98 minutes.
  • Setting door release time becomes second unit or minute unit. Up to 97minutes.
  • System parameters and personal access map can be downloaded by PC or manually programmed through keypad.
  • The personal access map is consisted of card ID, staff number and name, PIN and Time Zone Status, expiry date and Anti-passback.
  • Excellent multiple operation modes :(1) Card only (2) Card + PIN (3)Door PIN only  (4)Card Number+PIN (5)Free access (6) Automatic operation mode by time zones.
  • All operation modes with PIN are supported by selectable duress function. Also, keypad is lockable to become dumb.
  • Individual personal access map can be edited by block range add or delete card in group basis by on-lined PC or by manual thru. single / block range card number or by directly reading card thru. learning mode.
  • Selectable immediate or batched conditional sorting and then printing out events thru. serial output interface.
  • With complete door release, held monitoring and intruded alarm period and error trials.
  • Supports 8/24/48/64/96 floors lift access control.
  • Full APB (anti-passback), time zone.
  • Could dump all personal map in system by single PC or manual command.


Dimensions137(L) x 85(W) x 29(H)mm
Weight340g± 5%
Power supplyDC 12V±10%, 80mA~100mA(not include power requirement for lock & alarm)
Transmission rateDefault 9,600 bps N,8,1(2,400/4,800/19,200bps)(38,400)
Operating temperature-20℃ ~ 70℃
Operating humidity10%~90%
Keypad3 × 4 keypad for system programming, pass word entry or duty code selection.
PasswordProgrammable 4 digits PIN for each person
Serial interfaceRS-485, TCP/IP, RS-232(optional)
Serial output1. For connection with serial printer.
2. To drive DDR (digital door relay) for secure assess control function.
3. To drive 8/24/48/64 relay output modules for lifts access control
4. Bountiful application functions requested by customer
Events / Card capacityX Series : 32,000 card capacity, 32,000 events.
Other capacity combination requested by order
Card standard125KHz ASK EM / 125KHz FSK / 13.56MHz Mifare (ISO 14443A , ISO 14443B) / 13.56MHz ISO 15693 / 13.56MHz Felica (ISO 18092 UID) / Q type / NFC Tag
※ Support customized card.
External readerWith one or optional two port for external Wiegand (26 & 34 bits definable by command, 32/36/40/42/25/35/37bits(Optional)) & ABA input(by order)

Remote Open Door APP


Product introduction

  • The user can remote open the door by pressing 8 digits password and get the success or failure report back through PgOpenDoor APP.
  • The user can remote add or delete valid card numbers and get the success or failure report back through PgOpenDoor APP.
  • To add or delete plenty valid card numbers through ELE Access Control Software.
  • The controller with APP function can be used together with standard 85V/6750V controllers.
  • Applicable to Android system.
proimages/access_controller/add_card.jpg proimages/access_controller/delete_card.jpg
  • PP-6750VXHR5 : HC controller&reader,32000 users,32000 events,RS485
  • PP-6750VXM0JR5 : Mifare UID&J Type controller&reader,32000 users,32000 events,RS485
  • PP-6750VXM0NR5 : Mifare UID&EM controller&reader,32000 users,32000 events,RS485
  • PP-6750VXM0R5 : Mifare UID controller&reader,32000 users,32000 events,RS485
  • PP-6750VXM8R5 : Mifare controller&reader,32000 users,32000 events,RS485 (Pegasus Key)
  • PP-6750VXNR5 : EM controller&reader,32000 users,32000 events,RS485
  • PP-6750VXNR5T3 : EM controller&reader,32000 users,32000 events,RS485, TCP/IP
  • PP-6750VXM3R5 : M3 Access controller & reader, 32000 users, 32000 events, RS485
  • PP-6750VXNR5T3-DIM : EM controller&reader, 32000 users,32000 events,RS485 & TCP/IP
  • PP-6750VXHR5T3-DIM : HC controller&reader, 32000 users,32000 events,RS485 & TCP/IP
  • PP-6750VXM0R5T3-DIM : Mifare UID controller&reader, 32000 users,32000 events,RS485 & TCP/IP
  • PP-6750VXM3R5T3-DIM : M3 controller&reader, 32000 users,32000 events,RS485 & TCP/IP
  • PP-6750VXMDR5T3-DIM : Mifare DESFire controller&reader, 32000 users,32000 events,RS485 & TCP/IP
  • PP-6750VXFR5T3-DIM : Felica controller&reader, 32000 users,32000 events,RS485 & TCP/IP
  • PP-6750VL/M0R5-TFO: Mifare UID controller&reader, 2000 users,1000 events,RS485,ARM/DISARM Security System
  • PP-6750VXM0R5-ALD: Mifare UID controller&reader, 32000 users,32000 events,RS485,Toggle in/out status

Mifare is a registered trademark of NXP B.V.

FeliCa is a trademark of Sony Corporation.


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