Product Name : Bolus Tag, Animal Tracking Tags
Product No : PK-BOLUSTAG

※The minimum order quantity: 3,000 pcs

Product Description 
The LF RFID Rumen tag (transponder) is a special design for ruminant animals like cattle, sheep, or deer. It's another choice besides RFID Ear tan, cane be inserted into animal's rumen via oesophagus by a special tool.

•Dimensions: Diameter 21x 65mm
•Net weight: 73.5g±5%
•Chip type: ISO 11785, (EM4305, EM4105, Hitag S256)
•Material: Ceramic
•Operating frequency: 125KHz, 134.2KHz
•Reading range: 40cm(Depend on environments)
•Operating: temperature -25℃~+85℃
•Storage temperature: -40℃~+125℃
•Temperature humidity: resistance 60℃, 95%RH, 168hr
•ESD voltage immunity: +/-2Kv peak
•Memory storage: Up to 10yrs, according to chip specifications


We reserve the right to change the specification without prior notice or obligation!