Product Name : RFID 125KHz EM Read Module (ID-20 compatible)
Product No : PIEM-CWAS

•AM 125KHz contactless proximity reading module specially for EM cards.
•Either Wiegand 26, Wiegand 34 bits/44 bits(optional), ABA or ASCII format output selected by pin connection.
•Read only for EM cards, and the data are sent by Data 0 and Data 1.
•Lower cost with effective performance.
•Compact size.
•ID-20 compatible.
•SDK simplifies various RFID product developments.
•Supply flexible ODM/OEM.
•Including antenna.
•Dimensions:40 (L) x 40(W) x 10(H) mm
•Transmitting frequency:AM 125 KHz
•Card forma:Card format:EM/TK 4100, EM/TK 4102, EM4200 or compatible/ TEMIC5557
•Read range:16cm(Depend on card type)
•Voltage supply range:+3.3V through +5.4V
•Power consumption:5VDC @ 30mA nominal
•Standard encoding:Manchester 64-bit
•Operating temperature:-10℃ ~ 75℃
•Storage temperature:-20℃ ~ 85℃
•Storage humidity:5 ~ 95% RH

Dimensions: Unit(mm)

Application field
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How to order

PIEM-CW: RFID 125KHz EM read module, Wiegand 26 bit
PIEM-CWA: RFID 125KHz EM read module, Wiegand 26 bit, ABA
PIEM-CWS: RFID 125KHz EM read module, Wiegand 26 bit, ASCII
PIEM-CWAS: RFID 125KHz EM read module, Wiegand 26 bit, ABA, ASCII
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