Product Name : Fail Safe Type Electric Strike(Pair with latch bolt mechanical lock)
Product No : PGS-705FS

Product Description 

•Fail safe type.(Released as power off).

•Operation pair with latch bolt mechanical lock.

•Could be continuously energized.

•For heavy duty door.

•Without decoration cover.

PGS-705FS/SW with door monitoring switch.

•Application for aluminum or wooden door.


•Lock size (mm): 153(L) x 25(W) x 30(H)

•Approx. weight: 310g±1%

•Nominal voltage: DC12V / DC24V

•Standby current: 200mA(12V) / 100mA(24V) 

•Working current: 0mA

•Temp. range: -20oC  ~70oC  

•Power consumption: 2.4W

•Depth of lock slot: 8mm

•Material:Zinc alloy(Lock body)  / Stainless steel(Faceplate/Latch)

Unit: mm



Ordering information

PGS-705FS:  Fail Safe Type Electric Strike, 12V

PGS-705FS/SW:  Fail Safe Type Electric Strike, with door monitoring switch, 12V

PGS-705FS/SW-24V:  Fail Safe Type Electric Strike, with door monitoring switch, 24V


We reserve the right to change the specification without prior notice or obligation!