Product Name : Fail Secured Type Electric Strike(Pair with square type dead bolt mechanical lock)
Product No : PGS-701B

Product Description
Fail secured type(Released as energized)

•Operation Pair with square type dead bolt mechanical lock.

•Could be continuously energized.

•For heavy duty door.

•With door monitoring switch.

•With CE certificate.

•Application: For aluminum, steel, wooden or brass door.



•Lock size (mm): 150(L) x 25(T) x 32(D) 

•Approx. weight: 430g 

•Nominal voltage: DC12V / DC24V 

•Standby current: 0mA 

•Working current:120mA(12V) / 60mA(24V)   

•Voltage tolerance:10% 

•Temp. range: -20℃ ~ 70℃ 

•Power consumption:1.5W 

•Pair with MK-338 square type dead bolt mechanical lock

•Material: Zinc alloy


Ordering information

PGS-701B:  Fail Secured Type Electric Strike, 12V

PGS-701B-24V:  Fail Secured Type Electric Strike, 24V

We reserve the right to change the specification without prior notice or obligation!