Product Name : Multi-door Access Control Board (4/8 doors, TCP/IP embedded)
Product No : PC-1074BT

The PC-1074B/T is designed for high-security access control and real-time monitoring environments from medium size to complex multi-site installations.

It is an independent processing 4 doors access control package with metal enclosure, backup battery charger as an efficient space saving design.

Each unit supports one RS-485 input for reader connection.

Designed with 4 DI (digital input) and 4 DO (digital outputs) for light, air conditioning, surveillance, fire prevention or urgent rescuing system control.



Online Network with on board selectable RS-485/RS-232/RS-422(optional) and TCP/IP Ethernet.

Up to 15,000 cards with 32,000 events. Optional 64,000 cards with 64,000 events.

The RS-485 input supports maximum 8 readers paralleled for both entry & exit control.

4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs with expansible 24/48/64 relay outputs for floors control.

Global or single doors APB without PC autonomous decision at local level without degradation and removable connectors.

Optional baud rate from 2,400 to 38,400 with optional encryption for communication security.



Board Dimensions: 160(L) x 115(W) x 24.5(H) mm
•Weight: 480g ± 5%
•Power supply: DC 12V +10%, 1A 
•Consumption current 0.05 A (not include power requirement for lock & alarm) 
•Transmission rate: 9,600 bps, N,8,1
•Serial interface: RS-485, RS-232, TCP/IP, RS-422(optional)
•Events: 32,000 standard, up to 64,000(optional)

Card capacity: 15,000 standard, up to 64,000(optional)
External reader: RS-485 reader
Time zone: 8 personal time zones, 8 time zones for auto operation mode
•MemoryL 6 MB, EEPROM
•Operation temperature: 0
 ~ 50
Humidity: 5%~95%


System configuration


We reserve the right to change the specification without prior notice or obligation!