PIEM-AWAS-012 RFID 125KHz EM Read Module
    Product Name : RFID 125KHz EM Read Module
    Product No : PIEM-AWAS-012
    Product Character

    Product Description 
    •The 125KHz proximity reading module equipped with the ASK decoding circuits to read the EM compatible contactless cards or tags into ABA, Wiegand & ASCII formats. In this version, we output the Wiegand 26 bits or ASCII or ABA signal by jumper selection. Additionally, we supported various module versions to answer different requirements, please refer to our products catalog.
    •125KHz proximity reading for EM, TEMIC cards.
    •Embedded with internal antenna or external bigger antenna.
    •Wide input voltage range: 5~18V.
    •Epoxy potted for weather resistant with reliable quality.
    •Compact size with high performer.
    •Suitable for easy design block for tags or cards reading, such
    as access reader, fingerprint reader or industrial proximity application. 
    •Dimensions : 40.5(L) x 24(W) x 11(H) mm
    •Net weight : 17g ± 5%
    •Enclosure material : ABS
    •Card : EM 4001,EM 4102 or compatible / TEMIC 5557
    •Operation frequency : 125KHz
    •Reading range : Proximity card (Thickness)0.8mm: 5±1 cm(+5V), 6±1 cm(12~18V)
                           Proximity card (Thickness)1.8mm: 7±1 cm(+5V), 8±1 cm(12~18V)
                           Specific card: 11±1cm(+5V), 12±1 cm(12~18V)
    •Output format : Wiegand 26 or ASCII(8 byte) or ABA(14D)
    •UART format : 9,600 bps , 8, N, 1
    •Power requirements : DC 5V~18V
    •Standby current : 34mA ± 5%(+5V),43mA ± 5%(+12V) ,43mA ± 5%(+18V)
    •Operating current : 35mA ± 5%(+5V),44mA ± 5%(+12V) ,44mA ± 5%(+18V)
    •Operating temperature : -10℃ ~ 75℃
    •Storage temperature : -20℃ ~ 85℃ 
    Application field 

    We reserve the right to change the specification without prior notice or obligation!