P-8032 Fingerprint & proximity card access controller & time recorder
    Product Name : Fingerprint & proximity card access controller & time recorder
    Product No : PFP-8032
    Additional files :
    Product Character

    •Data transfer via USB cable, TCP/IP.
    •Optical fingerprint sensor with scratch resistant surface.
    •"Tick Tock ", a second, you are either rejected or accepted by PFP-8032.
    •One in a million attempts, there may be a false acceptance happened. But please remember,
    it is just a "may ". In other words FAR 0.0001%.
    •Automatically analyze the tiny difference of the latest fingerprints vs. the precious fingerprints
    and update accordingly to ensure the high accuracy and the optimum speed of fingerprint recognition. 
    •Dimensions(L x W x H)mm : 185 x 128 x 45
    •Operation mode : On / Offline
    •Operation voltage : DC 9V(With battery) / DC 5V(without battery)
    •Authentication : Fingerprint + PIN + EM card
    •Fingerprint verification mode : 1:1, 1:N
    •Fingerprint sensor area : 16x14mm
    •Fingerprint recognition speed : About 1.2 second
    •Max. ID records : 1,000
    •Max. management records : 10,000
    •Max. attendance records : 100,000
    •Color display : 320x240 dpi
    •Display language :

    Standard : Chinese, English

    Optional: Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese

    •Fingerprint update : Smart auto update
    •Time bell : 12 Units (Internal and External)
    •Door access  :  Yes
    •Backup battery(optional) : About 4 hours of minimal operations
    •Data communication channel : USB cable, USB disk, TCP/IP, Wiegand 26 / 34 bit 
    •Proximity card : EM card / Mifare card (PFP-8032/M)
    Data communication




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